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News - Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

Armstrong Logistics has worked continuously to attract more women into the logistics and supply chain industry. Whilst a greater percentage of Armstrong's workforce is still male-dominated, the percentage of Armstrong's female workforce continues to increase. There is still work to be done to further close the gap.


Our mean Gender Pay Gap using hourly pay is


This is 6.6% higher than last year. 


Our median Gender Pay Gap using hourly pay is


This is 3.7% higher than last year.


  Males Females
Employee % in first quartile 59% 41%
Employee % in second quartile 81% 19%
Employee % in third quartile 95% 5%
Employee % in fourth quartile 86% 14%


  Male Female
Gender bonus population 13% 3%


Gender bonus gap mean 20%
Gender bonus gap median -71%

Published Wednesday, 10th April 2024