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Employee of the month

Each month, the management team make their nominations to award an employee whom they feel are exceeding above and beyond what is expected of them...

June 2015 - Natalie Wright


Congratulations to transport planner, Natalie Wright for being named employee of the month for June 2015.

“Natalie has been with Armstrong’s for several months and has proven to be a valuable asset to the transport department. Natalie is very committed to her role and even when under immense pressure, her work is always completed to a very high standard. Natalie’s dedication is shown in the rest days that she works and in the hours that she puts in, making sure the job is done effectively and on time. Congratulations to Natalie, well done.”

- Leon Rowley, Transport Manager

May 2015 - Tim Etherington


Congratulations to Doncaster VNA driver, Tim Etherington for being named employee of the month for May 2015.

"Tim supported Hinckley when the site was in need of some  much needed support and also used his  rest days to come down and give his assistance.
He has shown continually that he is willing to go above and beyond his normal role and showed commitment and passion to the company in every task taken on. He has also put himself forward for training in general maintenance to assist the upkeep of Doncaster which will only enhance his growing reputation in the company.
A valued member of the Armstrong team … my congratulations to Tim, well done."

- Marc Jones, Group General Manager

April 2015 - Emma Williscroft


Congratulations to Goods In Coordinator, Emma Williscroft for being named employee of the month for April 2015.

"Emma has been with the company for just over a year now and is a credit to the team. She has progressed massively within the company in such a short space of time. She constantly takes on new challenges and is always willing to help other members of staff. Her work is always done to a high standard, even when under immense pressure. She is very dedicated to the job and this does not go unnoticed. Her dedication is shown in the hours that she puts in, making sure the jobs get done effectively and on time."

- Leanne Knight, Administration Manager

March 2015 - Rachel Sim


Congratulations to Purchase Ledger Coordinator Rachel Sim for being named employee of the month for March 2015.

"Rachel commenced her employment with Armstrong Logistics in August 2014. In the 8 months that Rachel has worked with us, she has proven to be a key member of staff.  With limited accounts experience, Rachel has taken to her role within the accounts team with great enthusiasm and a willingness to learn new roles by helping other departments when required.

Rachel has made significant improvements in making processes more accurate, as her attention to detail is one of her many strengths. Within 6 months Rachel has progressed by taking on additional challenges, such as assisting the transport department with managing drivers hours and expenses. Again, Rachel has set processes in place to obtain more accurate and timely information."

- Julie Tallis, Accounts Manager

February 2015 - Julie Tallis

February 2015 - Julie Tallis

Congratulations to accounts manager, Julie Tallis on being named employee of the month for February 2015.

Julie has gone above and beyond normal duties during a challenging month for the accounts team.
This award is well deserved, as we maybe do not always recognise her hard work due to the high standards she has always set for herself and her team.
She has worked with the company for many years and seems to overcome every challenge thrown her way.
We are proud of the way our accounts team work under her guidance, they always get the job done!

January 2015 - Richard Ball

January 2015 - Richard Ball

Congratulations to Richard Ball on becoming January’s EOM. Richard has recently transferred over from running the Transport department to his new role of Warehouse Manager at our Lutterworth site. In this short time, with the support of Rose Musselwhite, Richard has transformed the company’s perception of rework and has proven that it can be controlled, planned and above all profitable. He has taken to his new role with relative ease and has performed very well, which recent figures have shown. He is quickly and effectively establishing himself within the Warehouse Team.

April 2014 - Dominik Tryba


Employee of the month for April 2014 is Warehouse Team Manager, Dominic Tryba. Dominik was nomintaed for the award by Chairman, Justin Armstrong...

"I am awarding this month's EOTM to Dominik for stepping up to the Team Manager position. He is a dedicated hard worker, not afraid to get amongst it, he is very company minded and gets the job done to a high standard.

This is the second time he has been awarded EOTM. Very well deserved and an example of what I am looking for to represent my company."

March 2014 - Colin Houchen


Employee of the month for March 2014 is LGV driver, Colin Houchen. Colin has been invaluable with regional deliveries and collections using our new double deck trailer. He has been on hand to demonstrate and explain our new equipment to suppliers and clients, as well as putting a lot of effort and his own time into making the new venture a success.

February 2014 - Kirstie Epton


Having received a commendation last month we are pleased to announce Kirstie Epton (Doncaster Reception) as Armstrong Logistics’ employee of the month. Kirstie was nominated for the award by Doncaster General Manager, Marc Jones...

"Kirstie has not been with the Armstrong team for long, but has shown the tenacity, drive and ambition to become a long-term member of the group. Kirstie has shown a desire to develop her skills to add more value to our team, and has performed well under pressure."

January 2014 - Leanne Knight & Luke March


It has been impossible to separate two of the candidates nominated for January, therefore we have decided to make the award to both Leanne knight & Luke March; members of our admin team. Luke and Leanne were nominated by Office Manager, Julie Tallis...

"Leanne has given the company almost 10 years continuous service; in January particularly, she has worked very hard, not only with her current position, but has also made additional effort to ensure that colleagues have had sufficient training and to keep our admin team running smoothly.

Luke has impressed in the short time he has been with us. We have had excellent feedback from clients and other departments within the company, commenting on his good attitude and ability to resolve issues quickly.

Both employees fully deserve the award; they both always go above and beyond what is expected and have set very high standards. They never leave any task incomplete and are both a credit to themselves."

December 2013 - Sille Sammel


Congratulations to stock controller Sille Sammel, who received the Employee Of The Month award for December 2013. Sille Received nominations from several of the management team, among them, Chief Commercial Officer, Adam Phillips...

"Sille has been pro-active, identifying training needs in our second site and committing to help the team there.
Sille is always very organised in her work, and her efficiency is a feature we would like to see replicated in all colleagues."

Chairman, Justin Armstrong would like to make honourable mention of the following employees, who were also nominated for the award...

Linda Sayer (Credit Control)

"Thank you to Linda, for all of her great work since joining the accounts team"

Kirstie Epton (Doncaster Reception)

"Thank you to Kirstie, for her dedication and willingness to learn (in her own time). Her attitude has not gone un-noticed."

Gary Williamson (Doncaster Warehouse Team Manager)

"Finally, I personally want to Thank Gary Williamson. Gary underwent his ½ yearly review yesterday. I am delighted to announce his probationary period is over (6 MONTHS Early). His continued growth, willingness to learn and improve himself is always evident, along with his passion for what we are striving for."

November 2013 - Vicky Young


Congratulations to Goods In / Goods Out Administrator, Vicky Young, who was named employee of the month for November 2013. Vicky was nominated by Operations Director, Andy Tallis...

“Vicky has been with the company for 10 years next June. During this time she has taken on many roles within the warehouse department at Hinckley. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail always shines through in anything she does – November 2013 in particular. Vicky has assisted Doncaster site in the way of on-site training for new staff as well as ensuring her duties at Hinckley are not neglected. Thank-you Vicky”

October 2013 - Dominik Tryba


Congratulations to Warehouse Operative, Dominik Tryba, who was named as employee of the month for October 2013. Dominik was nominated for the award by Hinckley Warehouse Manager, Rose Musselwhite...

“Dominik has been part of the team for almost 18 months, during this time he has displayed an exemplary attitude to his duties & colleagues. The award of October 2013 employee of the month reflects his efforts, not only for the month, but the entire time he has been with the company.”

September 2013 - Gary Williamson


Congratulations to Gary Williamson, who was named employee of the month for September 2013. 

"Gary joined the Armstrong Logistics team as Temporary Team Manager in Doncaster 14 weeks ago; two weeks ago his appointment was confirmed as Team Manager, Doncaster.
In this short period of time his attitude and commitment cannot be called into question, and in particular his support of Marc.
We have all witnessed the improvement in Gary's performance, and are pleased to acknowledge his nomination as Employee of the Month for September 2013."

August 2013 - Will Sansome


Congratulations to Will Sansome, who was named employee of the month for August 2013. Will was nominated by Personnel Manager Julie Tallis, who had the following to say...

"Will has proven himself to be a very valued member of staff.  I find him to be a dedicated employee who will never leave a job until it has been completed satisfactorily. He is always happy to assist in helping any team member that will benefit & is recognised by the department as being a team player. He is nearly always the 1st person in the office in the mornings & has built up a good relationship with the Aldi trading team at each site."

July 2013 - Mateusz Maziarz


Congratulations to Hinckley AM Supervisor, Mateusz Maziarz, who was named 'employee of the month' for July 2013. Matty was nominated by Doncaster General Manager Marc Jones, who had the following to say...

"Matty has been willing to travel to Doncaster and support me personally on a daily basis, imparting his hard earned knowledge to new members of the Armstrong team, ensuring that they are fully versed in their roles and responsibilities. I have found him to be not only professional and committed but very capable and always strives to bring out the best in his peers, albeit never taking the credit for himself.
He has not only supported Doncaster but done this whilst carrying out his normal supervisor role at Hinckley at a time when the company could normally appreciate that his mind would be on his new born child...exceptional effort."

June 2013 - Alan Heaslip


Congratulations to HGV Driver, Alan Heaslip who was named 'employee of the month' for June 2013.

May 2013 - Blanka Urbanczyk


Congratulations to Commercial Executive, Blanka Urbanczyk who was named 'employee of the month' for May 2013.

April 2013 - Robbie Smith


Congratulations to warehouse operative, Robbie Smith who was named 'employee of the month' for April 2013. Robbie put forth an exceptional effort and went above and beyond what was expected of him.